Treat Yourself To A Pâtisserie Tour In Paris (Video)

It’s easy to get lost in the fashion when visiting Paris, but the temptation of window displays doesn’t end there. The one thing you must indulge in is sweets. When it comes to patisseries and chocolate shops, this is one the best places in the world to be. The French have elevated the act of baking to an art form, and Paris is where you’ll find some of the most talented artisans. From classic éclairs and macaroons to bite-sized chocolate confections garnished with ganache, there’s an abundance of artisanal treats to try.

So, where do you start? We put our trust in a local, using the Get Your Guide app, and spent three hours eating our way through the best chocolate and pasty shops in Paris. From Poilâne, the oldest bakery in the capital, to hot spots like La Maison du Chocolat and Pierre Hermé, join us on a tour that will delight your taste buds.

La Maison Du Chocolat

The first stop on the tour, this gourmet chocolate shop serves world-renowned chocolate éclairs and chocolates (we highly suggest one filled with caramelized mousse).


Next up is Poilâne where we tried pain au chocolat, a sweet roll with dark chocolate stuffed inside.

Pierre Hermé

Considered the best baker in the world, it wouldn’t be a pastry tour without a stop at Pierre Hermé for a rose macaroon.

Patrick Roger

On this stop, we learned that if you want to be healthy, happy, and fit, then you should eat chocolate every day. With jasmine chocolates this good, we’ll gladly accept the challenge.

Arnaud Larher

Just when you think you can’t consume anymore chocolate, stop by Arnaud Larher for the exquisite bonbons. You won’t be disappointed.



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