Red Lobster Adds Lobster And Waffles To Menu, Because Brunch Is A Big Deal

Photo: c/o Red Lobster

If you’re a fan of brunch, you know that, like mimosas, chicken and waffles have become a menu must. Both savory and sweet, the dish covers your breakfast and lunch cravings—and how can you beat that? Well, Red Lobster is giving it a go. On Monday, the crustacean chain debuted crispy lobster and waffles that are sure to stir up mixed reactions.

Unlike traditional waffles, though, Red Lobster isn’t using a sweetened buttermilk recipe. Instead, the chain is using its coveted Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix as the base. Cheese? Yes, please. The mix is poured into a waffle maker and cooked until equal parts fluffy and toasty.

Further putting their spin on the classic dish, the waffle is topped with a split Maine lobster tail that’s buttermilk-battered and fried until crispy. The plate is finished off with a drizzle of maple syrup to create that savory-sweet combo we all know and love.

If you’re interested in trying the lobster and waffles, now’s not the time to be indecisive with your order. The dish is only available for a limited time as part of the restaurant’s Lobsterfest promotion. While prices will vary nationwide, you can expect to fork up around $20 per plate. Also, be warned that the dish comes in at 1,080 calories, which is well over the recommended intake for two meals (but who’s counting?).



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