Jennifer Lawrence Got Drunk With Kris Jenner And There’s Video to Prove It

Photo: Splash News

If you know anything about Jennifer Lawrence, you know that she’s obsessed with the Kardashians. When she was filming Mother!, the production staff even erected a special “Kardashian tent” for her to chill in between takes of the notoriously dark film. So you can imagine her level of excitement at getting to interview Kim on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

The conversation between the two is full of hilarious nuggets, including Kim claiming she doesn’t fart, the pair talking about dildos, Lawrence calling out how much Reggie Bush’s new wife looks like Kim, and Kim explaining how to hack someone’s voicemails. But without a doubt the most exciting moment was when they played a video of Lawrence and Kris Jenner, wine-drunk and dancing the can-can (?) during what was apparently a dinner at the Kardashian matriarch’s home. That’s right, J. Law and Kris Jenner are friends. Because why wouldn’t they be?

“I have to say, Jennifer came over for dinner like two weeks ago. I’ve never seen my mom more drunk in our lives,” Kardashian told the audience.

“Take it easy. I was way more drunk than your mom,” Lawrence jokingly responded. “I remember getting naked in your closet and ordering you to dress me.”

Kim apparently styled her in one of Kris’s dresses, which Lawrence claims she still has. The Kardashians, minus Kris and Khloe, are widely known to be teetotalers, so imagining Kim totally sober dealing with a drunk, naked Jennifer Lawrence is kind of great.

Lawrence also asked Kim which of her siblings she’d kill last if they were stranded on a desert island (“it might be Khloe because I feel like she’d kill me”), if she’d ever been cheated on (she has, and she found out on her birthday thanks to her apparent voicemail-hacking skills), and the weirdest thing Kanye does (“he falls asleep everywhere”). Based solely on the hilarity of this interview, we’re totally here for this blossoming Lawrence-Kardashian friendship.



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