5 Places to Shop For Used Furniture When You’re So Over Craigslist

Photo: Nicole LaMotte/EBTH

While Craigslist is truly a treasure hunt that often results in amazing used furniture finds, it isn’t always worth the stress and anxiety that accompanies the process. We’ve all been there: You find the exact item you’re looking for after scrolling through countless pages of junk, quickly fire off an email, and receive a response from the seller…but then the doubt sinks in: You are about to trek to a stranger’s place in order to negotiate an exchange (que terrible Lifetime movie). Are the Jonathan Adler canisters you just can’t bring yourself to buy at full price really worth it? Will that discontinued CB2 bedframe actually fit in your car? Are you really prepared to take apart a three-piece West Elm console and haul it up four flights of steps?

Consider this instead: There are a slew of other trusted online marketplaces you can tap for amazing items at even better prices—without the stranger danger or the heavy lifting. Happy hunting!


If you’re after high-end finds without the inflated price tag, you’ve come to the right place.  This online market is easy for buyers and sellers alike. Not only are items approved by a team of curators before they are posted, but buyers are also granted a 48-hour grace period to return the item if they aren’t satisfied with its quality or condition. If you want to sell on the platform, you’ll get 80 percent of the profit. Simply upload a photo and description, and let Chairish handle the shipping.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.


Ever wish you had the time to peruse estate sales all day long? Well, now you can—and you don’t even need to step away from your desk. Everything But The House (EBTH) is the mecca of online nationwide estate sales. You can find anything from vintage Christian Dior china to a Victorian walnut cradle and French provincial console tables. So, how do you score a piece of the action? Simply start bidding on items. But before you bid away your monthly budget, just be sure to use the nifty shipping calculator to determine final costs.


Before we get into the details of this gem, we have to talk about the roller coaster of emotions that accompany a day at a flea market. You wake up early, excitedly anticipating all of the treasures you are going to find, and, when you finally find parking in the dusty lot, the aisles are typically filled with people selling stuff that can be found in your strange neighbor’s garage. So, what if I told you that you could find all of the items you envisioned on your go-to site for homemade cards and unique bridal décor? Etsy also carries an overwhelming amount of furniture. From mid-century nightstands to Tiffany Blue bookshelves, there’s seriously something for everyone.


If Craigslist had a more capable and better-looking older brother, it would be OfferUp. This app offers the ease of shopping for items that are available in your area coupled with a rating system like Uber, making people accountable for their interactions and giving buyers more confidence in their purchase. You’ll find everything from a gently-used sofa or stylish bar cart to a camper for your next cross-country adventure.


AptDeco was literally dreamed up after one too many creepy resale encounters—and shopping for second-hand furniture in NYC hasn’t been the same since. Buyers can browse the site for amazing finds from the likes of Restoration Hardware, CB2, and West Elm, while sellers are guided by AptDeco’s easy process, which offers up sales data to help you determine a fair price for your items. Once your stuff sells, you’ll pay the site a commission and they’ll take care of the pickup and delivery, working around your schedule to make the entire process a breeze for everyone involved. This is truly a seamless way to shop and sell! The only setback? The site’s services are currently only available in New York City and New Jersey, but outposts in Boston and Philadelphia are on the horizon.



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